Recommendations for Elizabeth's Work

Acting + Singing

"Elizabeth, our lead for the piece, is phenomenal. Hire her if you need something. So professional."

"You made our whole production look good to the crew, location owners, the film commission, and most importantly the client."

"You bring such generosity and encouragement to the rehearsal room. It has also been an honor to watch you work. Your dedication to the craft is obvious."


"I love this book [The Power of Pretend], and I love your writing . . . Besides being a filmmaker and teaching film, I also teach acting for the camera at our Christian university. If you make your goal, this will be a required text for my students . . . "


Your talk was everything I wanted it to be, and more: interactive, engaging, entertaining, and full of practical wisdom . . . In the words of one participant, 'That. Was. Amazing.' . . . I do hope you'll consider returning next year.